On the occasion of the forthcoming World Cotton Day – which  celebration is scheduled for 7 October 2019  at World Trade Organisation headquarters  in  Geneva – the Photo Contest has been announced.


Submitted works should   represent visual proof of diversity of the cotton supply chain as well as should highlight its global importance therefore  photo entries are being accepted in the following four categories:

  1. ‘From the Field’: This category includes everything that happens on a common farm, from sowing to when the fibre leaves the farm gate.
  2. ‘To the Fibre’: This category starts at the gin and includes ginning, logistics, controlling, spinning and trade — everything that happens from the gin to final product.
  3. ‘Made with Cotton’: This category covers all final goods made from the cotton plant — not only fibre but stalks, cotton seed oil and various cotton by-products as well.
  4. ‘Women in Cotton’: This covers the entire cotton supply chain and focuses on the critical role women play in the cotton and textile value chain.

Furthermore organizers have announced that the winners in the four Photo Contest categories will be invited to World Trade Organisation headquarters to display their work.

All photo submissions must be emailed to by 16 September.

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