ARBITRATION COURT AT THE GDYNIA COTTON ASSOCIATION (est. 1938) The Court of Arbitration at the Gdynia Cotton Association, active since 1938, is the oldest Arbitration Court in Poland. It deals with settling quality and technical disputes in cotton turnover. The GCA laboratory and halls for professional classification of cotton make it possible to retain a high level of testing and evaluation of this raw material. The arbitrators on the list which is being updated regularly ensure the parties to the disputes the best possible professional handling of their matters. In 2010, with the decision of the 69th Ordinary General Assembly of the Gdynia Cotton Association members, the existing Rules were replaced with the new ones “By-laws and Rules of the Gdynia Cotton Association” which included the trade rules form the “Bylaws and Rules” of the International Cotton Association (ICA). Rules of the Arbitration Court at the Gdynia Cotton Association as well as provisions concerning cotton yarn and grey cloth remained unchanged. Detailed information pertaining to the valid procedures of lodging the arbitration, required documents, court fees and mode of acting are to be found in the Rules and By-laws of the European Cotton Associations.

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