Service Privacy Policy

1. General information

Our Privacy Policy determines the rules of processing and protection of personal data provided by the Users when they use our services.
2. The Controller of personal data stored in the Service is

THE GDYNIA COTTON ASSOCIATION with the registered office in: 81-369 Gdynia, ul. Hieronima Derdowskiego 7, Poland, Tax ID no.: 5860104500

3. Taking care of personal data entrusted to us we have developed internal procedures and recommendations which are to prevent release of data to unauthorised persons. We control realisation of those procedures and recommendations and we systematically check their compliance with relevant provisions of law – the Act on Personal Data Protection, Act on Rendering Services Electronically and all implementing regulations and regulations of the Community law.

4. Personal data are processed on the basis of consent granted by the User and also in cases when provisions of law authorise the Controller to process personal data on the basis of legal provisions, or for the purpose of realisation of an agreement concluded between the parties.

5. The Service realises the function of acquisition of information about Users and their behaviour in the following way:
– by means of information voluntarily entered in the forms,
– by storage of cookie files (see “cookie policy”).

8. The Service collects information voluntarily provided by the Users.

9. Data provided in the form are processed for the purpose following from function of the specific form, i.e. for the purpose of realisation of the process of handling information contact.

10. Personal data stored in the Service shall not be sold or disclosed to third persons – in compliance with the Act on Personal Data Protection.

11. A natural person who placed the data in the form has the right to access them. Such person has also the right to modify them and cease the processing of his/her data, at any time.

12. We reserve the right to make changes in the Service Privacy Policy, which can result from the progress of internet technology, or possible amendments to the law on personal data protection, and from the development of our internet Service itself. All changes will be notified in a visible and easily understandable way.

13. The Service may present links to other web-sites. Such web-sites are operating independently form the Service and are in no way whatsoever controlled by the Service. Such pages may have their own privacy policies and rules, which we recommend the User to get acquainted with.
In the case of doubts regarding any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy we are ready to help – our contact data are available under the “CONTACT” file.

1. The Controller uses the cookie files in order to provide the Users with greater efficiency of the Service and security.

2. Cookie files are text files stored on the User’s device. Cookies enable the Service to recognise User’s preferences. When using the Service, the User gives the Service his/her consent to use cookies. Restricting the cookies operation by the User can affect some functionalities of the Service.

3. At any time, the User may administer his/her cookies settings.

a. Firefox:
b. Opera:
c. Internet Explorer:
d. Chrome:
e. Safari

4. The entity which places cookies on the User’s end-device and gets access to cookies is the Service Administrator or entities cooperating with it, in particular the following services:
Google (,
Facebook (
and Livechat (

5. The Service uses the cookie files for:
– adaptation of the contents of the Service web-sites to the User’s preferences and optimisation of usage of web-sites, in particular, those files allow recognition of the User’s device and displaying the relevant web-sites adapted to his/her individual needs,
– compilation of statistics which help understanding in what way the Users use web-sites, and this enables improvement of their structure and contents,
– profiling the User in order to display him/her matching advertising materials in Google AdWords and Facebook ADS nets.

6. The Service uses the following types of cookie files:
– session cookies – operate only during browsing the Service sites, enabling in this way correct sites functioning: They are used by the server for storage of information on User’s activities; in the case when the connection with the server is interrupted, the User may return to the same place on the web-site,
– persistent cookies – remain on the device after the site is abandoned, what means that the Service can remember the User’s settings during the next visit. Thanks to this process, the Service becomes easier to navigate and it remembers the User’s preferences.
– marketing cookies – enable delivery to the User of announcements which match his/her interests better.

Form acceptance text:
I grant my consent for my personal data processing by THE GDYNIA COTTON ASSOCIATION, for the purpose of sending marketing contents to my email address provided above in the contact form.
If you do not agree, please contact us.

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