1935 Founding of the Gdynia Cotton Association
1936 Endorsing of the Statutes, session of the 1st General Assembly
1938 Opening of the Cotton House and commencing the arbitrations
1945 Restoring of the Gdynia Cotton Association
1947 Change of the Polish name of the Association
1948 Commencing cotton classification courses
1958 Accepting the GCA as the signatory of the Universal Cotton Standards Conference
1965 Recognising the GCA Laboratory by the American Cotton Shippers’ Association
1973 Change of the Polish name of the Association
1978 Accepting the GCA as the member of the Committee for International Co-operation between Cotton Associations
1991 Accepting Poland as the member of the International Cotton Advisory Committee, with the GCA as a Coordinating Organisation
1997 Receiving the accreditation certificate by the GCA Laboratory
1997 Granting of the first licence for using the GCA Pure Cotton Emblem
2000 GCA accessing the International Forum for Cotton Promotion as the founder-member
2003 Organisation of the 62nd ICAC session in Poland
2005 Membership in EUROCOTON
2005 Adoption of the Rules and By-laws of the European Cotton Associations
2007 Commencement of licensing in Poland the International Cotton Emblem
2008 Conference-Debate on the textile industry Gdynia Cotton Association – Eurocoton, with the participation of the European Commission representatives
2009 Celebrations of the International Year of Natural Fibres
2015 Celebrations of the GCA 80th Anniversary
2018 Joining the CELPREG Project “Preimpregnated flax fibre laminate for processing under low pressure conditions” co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development under CORNET  Programme.

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