International Organisations

We co-operate with:

  • Committee for Co-operation between Cotton Associations, which is to co-ordinate the activities of the particular Cotton Associations in order to develop the broadly understood cotton industry and trade of this raw material.
  • International Cotton Advisory Committee, whose task is to process on the world scale the statistical data on production and processing of cotton and to search for new technologies of growing and processing of cotton. The GCA represents the Government of Poland in this organisation.
  • We are the signatory of the Universal Cotton Standards Agreement between the USDA and the most important cotton organisations in the world.
  • We colaborate with various foreign and international organisations, such as: International Textile Manufacturers’ Federation in Zurich, Cotton Council International in London, National Cotton Council in Washington and Cotton Associations in particular countries.
  • EUROCOTON – Committee of the Cotton and Allied Textile industries of the EU. This is a branch organisation incorporating European cotton and allied fibres processing industries (spinning and weaving) The many years’ cooperation between the GCA and EUROCOTON became considerably closer after Poland’s accession to the European Union. It was even more deepened under the impact of the sharp crisis of the European textile industry after cancelling of the WTO textile and clothes quotas, on January 1, 2005. Since June 2005 we are the full member of this organisation.

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