Obiectives and Tasks

The tasks following from the Statutes and from the current needs are realised by the GCA through:

  • dissemination of “By-laws and Rules” of the GCA which are the basis for international contracts for sale-purchase of cotton;
  • popularisation of the frame contract for selling-buying cotton in Polish and English, whose clauses are concordant with the “By-laws and Rules” of the GCA;
  • settling of quality and technical disputes arising from the contracts of sale-purchase cotton by the Court of Arbitration at the Gdynia Cotton Association;
  • publication of the domestic and foreign Members’ Directory;
  • testing of cotton in Laboratory;
  • organisation of cotton classification courses in Polish, English and Russian;
  • dissemination of current value differences tables for cotton;
  • maintaining contacts and co-operation with international cotton institutions and organisations;
  • organisation of the international discussion forum during the biannual International Cotton Conferences in Gdynia;
  • representation of the interests of our members before the state authorities, international institutions and other organisations.


By-laws and Rules


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