The Gdynia Cotton Association General Assembly

The Gdynia Cotton Association General Assembly, on the 5th of June 2008 was dealing mainly with the questions of introducing the changes in the GCA “By-laws and Rules” – the provisions of arbitration procedures with the instrumental HVI method.

The situation of the Polish textile industry was discussed and the directions of GCA activities were approved of, aiming at the most effective representation of the spinners, weavers and apparel manufacturers in the European Commission, and in cooperation with Polish state administration. The GCA objective is a further supporting of the textile industry competitiveness and striving for keeping job places in this sector. The necessity of continuation of monitoring of textile imports from China was also underlined.

Mr Marek Dominiak – the GCA President, when discussing the GCA activity aiming at supporting textile-clothing industry pointed out – as a good example of efficiency – the fight for retaining the double processing rule in this sector, pertaining to the preferential rules of origin (GSP). Still a half year ago, it seemed that the cancellation of the double processing rule and replacing it with the added value (under the pressure of DG Trade) was preordained. It was a real threat of destruction for Polish weaving and spinning industries. At present, at the collective efforts – this tendency seems possible to be stopped.

Professor Iwona Frydrych (Department of Clothing of the TUL) invited the members to the 8th International Conference CLOTECH 2008, on application of innovative materials and technologies in textile products and footwear.

Ms Elwira Zaręba – Director of Polish Textile Engineers’ Association informed the audience about the activity of ACTE (European Textile Collectivities Association) – an organisation acting for cities, boroughs and regions with a strong position of clothing industry. Director Zaręba appealed to the entrepreneurs for accessing this organisation. Its latest meeting was held in Łódź, in May.

The discussion focused also on the GCA plan of activity and tasks as well as of cooperating scientific and research and development centres, related to the promotion of the International Year of Natural Fibres – 2009.


One of the events incorporated in the celebrations will be the 10th International Cotton Conference which is to be held d on 4 – 5 September 2009. It Title is “Natural Fibres – Their Attractiveness in Multidirectional Usage.”

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