On 7 October 2019 the global cotton community will turn its eyes to Geneva where the official launch of the World Cotton Day (WCD) will be the Headquarters of the World Trade Organization The Secretariat of WTO organizes this event in the co-operation with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the International Cotton Advisory Committee.
The launch of WCD stems from the C-4 (Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali), official application for the recognition of a World Cotton Day by the United Nations General Assembly, reflecting the importance of Cotton as a global commodity.
The launch of WCD will be celebrated in different countries across the globe with various events giving exposure to farmers, processors, researchers and businesses participating in the event..
WCD will be an excellent opportunity to remind everybody of many advantages of cotton from its qualities as a natural fibre to the benefits people obtain from the production, processing, trade and consumption. At the same time this event will constitute a chance to turn attention to the challenges faced by cotton industries around the world and particularly in the least-developed countries.
Participation in the WTO Launch event of World Cotton Day on 7 October is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by participants at their own expense.
A participant should complete and submit the online registration. For more information:

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