The amendment to the Income tax act

From 1 January 2015. Enter into force the new responsibilities resulting from changes to the Income Tax Act  from individuals applying

to income  derived from 1 January 2014. Documents affected by the change are: PIT-8C information, PIT-11, PIT -R, IFT-1 / IFT-1R, IFT-3 / IFT-3R, 4R declarations and PIT-PIT-8AR and annual calculation of the PIT-40.

The changes introduced impose on you, as payers and other entities that are required to compile and transmit information on income individuals new electronic only way to send a declaration to the tax authorities, information and annual tax calculations for individuals, eg. For workers.

Extremely send information, statements and annual calculation of the tax to the tax authorities for not more than 5 taxpayers can still submit it in paper form, provided, however, that these documents is not made on your behalf accounting office.

This situation does not apply to information IFT-3 / IFT-3R, which must always be submitted electronically.

… More – in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Finance Payers, asking for posting on the website of the Gdynia Cotton Association


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