On 26 May and 25 July 2017, in the Cotton House in Gdynia, the deliberations of the 76th Ordinary Electing-Reporting General Assembly of Members of the Gdynia Cotton Association were held. The session of the 76th General Assembly of GCA members commenced on 26 May was adjourned due to the necessity to explain legal doubts reported by one of the Board of Directors members.

After resuming the deliberation on 25 June, the General Assembly endorsed the Board Report on their activity in 2016, financial statement for 2016, discharged the Board of Directors of the past term of office of their duties in 2016, and accepted the budget for 2017. Summing up the past reporting period, the GCA President underlined that the whole past term of office of the Board and the Auditing Committee brought many changes and challenges that the GCA had to face. At the same time, the President hoped that the next period of activity of our Association shall allow a gradual intensification of activities for the benefit of members.

The 76th General Assembly of GCA members elected new authorities, for the next 2-year term of office.

The 2017-2019 Board of Directors members are:

Artur Gacek                            President

Iwona Frydrych                   Vice President

Jerzy Kotwas                          Vice President

Wojciech Bubrowski          Member

Anna Garnys                           Member

Jacek Jakubiak                    Member

Czesław Madejski                Member

Marek Radwański               Member

Jacek Rutkowski                 Member

Małgorzata Zimniewska    Member

The 2017-2019 Auditing Committee members are:

Leszek Kilanowski               Chairman

Jerzy Mańkowski                   Member

Małgorzata Matusiak           Member

The Directive Resolution of the 76th General Assembly of GCA members once again stressed the necessity to continue actions aimed at support of Polish and European sectors of textile-clothing industry to face strong competition. The appeal was issued to the state administration and to European institutions for continuation of initiatives oriented towards restructuring and stable development of industry in the EU member states. Closing the deliberation, the President thanked all for cooperation in the past term of office and hoped for continuation within coming next two years.

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