Statement of the 74th Plenary Session of the ICAC


6-11 December 2015, Mumbai, India


On 6 – 11 December 2015, in Mumbai, India, the 74th Plenary Session of the ICAC was held, entitled: “From Farm to Fabrics: the Many Faces of Cotton”. The official Polish delegation was composed of: the head of the delegation Mr Adam Orzechowski – Deputy Director of the Trade Policy Department in the Ministry of Development, and members of the delegation: Mr Artur Gacek – President of the Gdynia Cotton Association (POLONTEX S.A.) and Mr Arkadiusz Gacek (FOKUS PTE Ltd).

Considerable part of the Session was dedicated to various factors affecting cotton production. Among other things, the Technical Seminar theme focused on the ways of limiting or even elimination of application of pesticides in cotton plantation. This should contribute to lowering of production costs and strengthening pro-ecological image of cotton. Other issues discussed at the 74th Plenary Sessions were also: application of by-products emerging throughout cotton production process, mechanisation of cotton harvesting, and international exchange of genetic material – carried out in order to obtain new cotton varieties resistant to such changes and more sustainable, at the same time.

Enc.: Statement of the 74th Plenary Session of the ICAC

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