International Cotton Emblem

International Cotton Emblem Available in Poland



It is a great satisfaction to inform that after years of absence, the International Cotton Emblem (ICE) is coming back to Europe. The protection right for usage of the Emblem has been again registered in the European Union. The Gdynia Cotton Association acquired the right to licence the International Cotton Emblem in Poland, from the Bremen Cotton Exchange. The Union Trade Mark is offered simultaneously with the Pure Cotton Emblem registered in Poland.


The priority aim of cotton organisations engaged in licensing the ICE, is a wide propagation of the Emblem usage on the European market, sales intensification and adding the prestige to products marked with this Emblem, increase of consumers awareness about natural products of high healthful parameters and environment friendly. A consequent usage of the Emblem by Polish textile sector companies we stimulate the demand for products made of natural fibre friendly to people and we join the pan-European activities promoting products made of pure cotton.


The Gdynia Cotton Association licences the usage of the Emblem to the companies whose products fulfil the settled criteria. The licence entitles the company to use the Emblem for the period of  1 year and is renewed by the motion of the applicant for further periods. The Licensee has the right to use the Emblem on products for which he received the licence and – jointly with his company’s logo – on the official stationery and on all advertising materials of the company.

Licensing criteria:

Licences will be granted for products made of 100% pure cotton fibre of high quality, containing 100% cotton, with exception of linings, fittings and additions where 5% of adorning accessories are allowed and 3% of non-cotton fibres. Not included under contractual products are in particular blended fabrics which are only partially comprised of cotton fibre, as well as fabrics whose cotton content – taking into account the above tolerances – is less than 92%. The cotton fibre content is calculated according to the ratio of percentage by weight.

Procedures of licensing:

The company applies for the licence enclosing the specification of products which are to be encompassed by the licence, with the declaration about keeping the requirements of the granted licence. The application is considered by the Presidium of the GCA Board of Directors which undertakes the decision and grants the licence.

Financial conditions of granting the licence for International Cotton Emblem:

  • Each licensee – the GCA member shall cover only the cost of mails and telecommunication, in the amount of EURO 50 + VAT.
  • Administration fee by the title of bestowing the Emblem is EURO 250 + VAT from each licensee who is not the GCA member.

Advantages from using the Emblem encountered by the manufacturers of products made of pure cotton:

  • rising the company’s prestige in the clients’ eyes,,
  • stimulation of the demand for products marked with this Emblem, on domestic and European markets,
  • increasing the number of loyal customers accustomed to the brand marked with such Emblem,
  • retaining the competitive advantage over the manufacturers of products who do not use the Emblem for their brands.
  • taking accumulated advantages from marketing campaigns related to cotton promotion launched by various companies and trade networks, international organisations and producing countries.

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