Fraudulent GOTS Certificate Discovered

International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) informed  of a case where a forged certificate has been found from a company in China – “Anhui Skyworth Co Ltd’” China.

The operational and transaction certificate was obviously forged by them. They are not clients of IMO and have never received these certificates. Instead they took valid certificates where they replaced the original name, addresses and other details to their needs. The certificates look quite authentic except the obviously faked OE/GOTS logo in the right corner of the transaction certificate. Soil Association recognised this during inspection activities to their client that was inserted in the faked Transaction Certificate as buyer of the goods.

A brazen but easy to do act with scanned or faxed copies of certificates. Therefore please remain to be very attentive to such activities, especially if the original documents are not available at the place where you check them. In any case of doubt please always approach the issuing body asking for reconfirmation of the authenticity of the documents checked.

There are still individuals and companies not willing to take the proper steps to ensure the integrity of their organic goods.  However, it is good to see that the certification process can catch them in their attempts at fraud, and it is important to know that most businesses are acting with honesty and diligence.  We urge everyone to read all transaction certificates carefully, and request to receive original copies.

Regardless of the action taken against the company that faked their certificates, there is an official request to all the Companies –  not to offer any GOTS certification services to the following company within the next two years (in accordance with certifier’s contract clause 6):

Anhui Skyworth Co Ltd

Room 102, NO. 8 Apartment, Liuyuan,

Garden in Rosy Clouds,

Hefei Economic Zone, Anhui, China

Source: Textile Exchange

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