EUROCOTON 51st General Assembly

The 51st EUROCOTON General Assembly was held on 7-8 June 2011 in Brussels. It was accompanied by the Open Session which undertook several questions, especially concentrating on the new challenges facing the Textile industry after the recession.

During the Fibre Session the discussion  was devoted to the new business environment of high raw material prices (analysis and outlook regarding cotton prices for 2011 and beyond). Interplay between natural and man-made fibres and guidance on raw materials trends were also thoroughly discussed.

The main subject of the Economic Session was the new mapping of the European supply chain for the fashion / textile / apparel sector. This subject was presented by Gidas Minvielle, Head of the Economic Observatory, Reflection and Expertise Department in the Institut Français de la Mode.


The Trade and Industry Session was the forum for presentation how the European Trade Policy is supporting the EU textile industry and how the EU’s strategy for Enterprise and Industry is working on strengthen Europe’s Textile Industrial base. During the meeting Mr Cass Johnson, President of the National Council of Textile Organisations, USA make a short update on U.S. textile industry and trade policy.

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