Brazi: the re-introduction of the import licence

Brazi: the re-introduction of the import licence dismissed by the Brasilian President. Market access for European importers – support of Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association.

The Brazilian government adopted in January 2009, to the surprise of the foreign trade companies, new provisions aiming at slowing down the rhythm of import. The local administration re-instated the advance import licence requirement for nearly all the products imported into Brazil. Such a measure that delayed customs clearance by 30 to 60 days was abolished in 1990. This bureaucratic measure was decided after trade data for the first three weeks of January showed a growing deficit. However, three days later, Brasilian President Mr Luis I. Lula dismissed the re-introduction of the import licence.

Following the talks between EURATEX (European Apparel and Textile Organisation) and ABIT (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil e de Confecção) ABIT confirmed end January 2009 its readiness to open dedicated “import channel information” between ABIT and Euratex members.

Any exporter which is member of one Association covered by Euratex and that is experiencing problems with the Brazilian customs or the Ministry of Development (import license) can inform ABIT about their difficulties. ABIT will commit to find out the real problem and to guide the importer/exporter to fix it. European companies exporting to Brazil and facing customs problems with Brazil should be ready to describe the problem faced and should be ready to disclose the following information:

–        the import license number,

–        import declaration number,

–        product description,

–        quantity and amount,

–        port where the shipment is waiting for customs clearance,

–        requirements of the Brazilian authorities to clear the shipment,

–        contact details of the import company, etc.

The Confidentiality of the EU exporter in guaranteed by ABIT

The request for support should be sent directly to Mr Renato Jardim ( with copies to Mr Domingos Mosca (, to the Euratex member Association as well as to Euratex (


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