On the 24th of May 2013, in Sopot, the annual General Assembly of the Gdynia Cotton Association Members was held. In the course of the deliberations, the Assembly endorsed amendments to the GCA Statutes, which aimed at adaptation of some of its provisions to the well-established solutions adopted in the statutes of other European associations as well as at making the GCA activities more efficient. Moreover, the Board of Directors’ Report for 2012 was accepted, the 2013 budget was fixed and the main directions of activities and task to be realised currently were set.

The Directive Resolution of the 72nd General Assembly of the GCA members expressed a full support for the Polish Government regarding the EU industry policy, where it was underlined that the conditions for a stable restoration and development of industry in European countries must be established. Also, an appeal to the Polish Government was submitted for “an active support on the forum of the European Commission of the standpoint of our sector, which demands an unconditional observance of the double processing rule for textile-clothing products, which is in force under the current GSP as well as in the course of the negotiations of bi-lateral FTAs which are currently in progress”.

As the term of office of the former Board of Directors came to an end, new authorities of the GCA were elected during the General Assembly. The GCA President for the new term of office was elected, once again in the person of Ignacy Józkowicz, Ph. D., a many-years’ member of the GCA Board of Directors (“EVA ART” Trade Office).


The new Board of Directors is also composed of:

Marek Dominiak (TEXIM M.Dominiak Sp. J., Łódź) – Vice President,

Alois Schőnberger (Polcotton, Warsaw) – Vice President,

Zbigniew Roskwitalski – GCA Director, again elected as the Executive Vice President.

Iwona Frydrych (TUL),

Artur Gacek (Polontex, Częstochowa),

Anna Garnys (SKALTEX – Kaczmarek, Błaszczyk Registerd Partnership, Nowe Skalmierzyce)

Jacek Jakubiak (Cotton House Jakubiak Registerd Partnership, Łódź),

Jerzy Kotwas ( Sharda Europe Ltd., Pabianice),

Grzegorz Adam Łukawski (ANDROPOL JSC, Andrychów).

Małgorzata Zimniewska (Institute of Natural Fibres and Medicinal Plants,


 from the left: I.Józkowicz, M.Dominiak, Z.Roskwitalski


and of the deputy board members:

Andrzej Garlikowski (SAFILIN Ltd, Miłakowo),

Marcin Granosik (TEXTILIMPEX Ltd., Łódź),

Amit Lath (SHARDA Europe, Ltd., Pabianice),

Małgorzata Matusiak (TUL),

Marek Radwański (EKOTEX Marek Radwański, Namysłów).


The Auditing Committee is composed of:

Leszek Kilanowski(SGS Polska Sp. z o.o.) – przewodniczący,

Jerzy Mańkowski (Polish Chamber of Flax and Hemp, Poznań),

Maciej Szydlik ( MARTIS JSC Aleksandrów Łódzki)



In recognition of the outstanding services for the Gdynia Cotton Association, of the personal engagement which substantially exceeds the duties, the promotion of the Association and creation of its positive image in Poland and on the international arena, the General Assembly Granted the Honorary Membership of the Gdynia Cotton Association to:

  • Mr Roman Bączkowski – distinguished with the “Meritorious Person of the Gdynia Cotton Association” award, a many-years’ arbitrator of the GCA, a cotton expert, and an eminent trainer at the cotton classification courses, a former (1988 – 1995) chief cotton expert of the GCA, and a many-years’ Chairman of the Committee for Fixing Value Differences, and a member of the Rules Committee;
  • Mr Romuald Groth – distinguished with the “Meritorious Person of the Gdynia Cotton Association” award, many-years’ former Board of Directors’ member, Chairman of the Training Committee and many-years’ lecturer at the cotton classification courses, and an arbitrator of the GCA Court of Arbitration;
  • Mr Ryszard Makowiecki – distinguished with the “Meritorious Person of the Gdynia Cotton Association” award, many-years’ legal advisor of the GCA, arbitrator of the GCA Court of Arbitration, President of the Panel of Arbitrators of the GCA Court of Arbitration and the Chairman of the Rules Committee.


DSC_1539                                                          od lewej: R. Makowiecki, R.Groth



At the motion put forward by the GCA Board of Directors, the following persons were honoured with the “Meritorious Person of the Gdynia Cotton Association” award:

  • Mr Leszek Kilanowski – for many-years’ engagement in the works of the GCA Auditing Committee, including the service as its Chairman, and for supporting the everyday GCA initiatives and commitments;
  • Mr Jerzy Kotwas – for many-years’ engagement in the works of the GCA Board of Directors, including the service as the member of the Board of Directors, President of the Board of Directors, his work in the Committee for Fixing Value Differences, for an active GCA promotion on the international arena when he was the President of the CICCA, and by an active participation in meetings of international branch organisations;
  • Małgorzata Matusiak, Ph.D. Tech. Sc. – for many-years’ engagement in the works of the GCA Board of Directors and of the Laboratory Committee as well as for promoting the GCA positive image in Poland and on the international arena – on the forums of branch organisations of the textile-clothing sector;
  • Mrs Mieczysławsa Niemiec – for many-years’ efficient managing of the financial-accounting department of the GCA as well as for her engagement in the works of the Tariffs Committee.


from the left:  J.Kotwas, M.Matusiak, M.Niemiec, L.Kilanowski



The General Assembly was accompanied by the Conference – Debate entitled “Rolling on the Insourcing – Would Europe Restore Its Textile Industry”, where the lectures covering markets and technology were presented. Referring to the current situation of the European and Polish textile-clothing sector, the topic of this year’s Conference encompassed the issues related to the access to raw materials and textile materials.

First, Mr Krzysztof Zaręba – Head of the Department of Innovations and Industry of the Ministry of Economy – presented the current concept of the Polish industrial policy in respect of industrial sectors – underlining its proactive character of the initiative.

Ms Elisabeth de Wandeler – who represented the Belgian FEDUSTRIA branch organisation, presented the “Woven/Knitted in Europe” initiative as a potential tool of promotion of high-quality European products.

In a very interesting lecture, Małgorzata Matusiak from the Technical University of Łódź presented unique solutions in designing and finishing of yarns, woven fabrics and finished goods with the share of cotton. The solutions which were presented evoked a great interest among the Conference participants.

A very well received was also the lecture of Ms Anna Kicińska-Jakubowska (Institute of Natural Fires and Medicinal Plants, Poznań), on innovative applications of products made from natural fibres, basing on the research programmes conducted in the Institute.

Mr. Andrzej Drozdz – GCA Chief Cotton Expert presented data coming from the Polish economy. He pointed out the increasing and decreasing tendencies of individual assortments of textile-clothing production.

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