ShanghaiTex 2021 – Textech Inno Week Postponement Announcement

According to the requirements from the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council dated 6 November 2021, the hosting of events, gatherings, and people’s mobility is to be limited so as to minimize the risk of the spreading of COVID-19.
With the increasingly stringent control measures in place while striving to ensure the safety of participants, ShanghaiTex 2021 – Textech Inno Week, originally scheduled for 23-25 November 2021, will be postponed to March 2022, whereas ShanghaiTex 2023 will be held from 22-25 November 2023 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.
Further details will be announced
The organizers of ShanghaiTex would like to express the greatest gratitude to all longtime exhibitors, new comers, visitors and media for their unwavering support.

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