Pan-Euro-Med textile and clothing enter Turkish market without additional custom duties

Since 15.09.2011 and 13.12.2011, the Turkish Government have imposed additional customs duties on certain textile (woven fabrics , bandages, etc.) and clothing products exported to Turkey following a safeguard investigation, on the basis of non-originating rules of origin (last substantial transformation conferring the origin even if the garment is produced from a fabric woven from yarns in the EU). Thus, even if the products originating in the EU (and in EFTA countries, FTAs) have been excluded from the scope of the measures, the adopted measures have still impacted among others EU companies on their products made in the Paneuromed area on the basis of preferential rules of origin.

From Juny 1st the Turkish Government decided additionally to exempt also (as from the date of the publication in the Official Journal) from paying these additional duties, goods originating in the Paneuromed area that enter Turkey via the EU with an ATR, with proof of origin to be brought by the importer.

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