OEKO-TEX takes new sustainable step

The Oeko-Tex Association has developed a new certification system for sustainable textile production that will replace its existing Oeko-Tex 1000 standard. The new STeP certification will be officially launched at the Techtextil exhibition in June this year, after which, qualifying textile manufacturers will be issued with the first certificates. 

Next month, Oeko-Tex will publicly unveil its new ‘Sustainable Textile Production’ (STeP) certification system, which will replace its current Oeko-Tex Standard 1000.

The new system, which will be officially launched in June at Techtextil in Frankfurt, and will audit textile manufacturers based on quality management, use of chemicals, environmental protection, environmental management, social responsibility and health and safety. The assessment of companies will be based on web-based process to assign STeP certified companies with an individual score or rating.

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