Laboratory of the GCA

In December 2009, the Laboratory of the Gdynia Cotton Association was equipped with the USTER TENSORAPID yarn strength tester.

The instrument was successfully installed and put in motion by the specialised service.

Laboratory technical staff has been trained very carefully. A series of comparative tests have been executed for various yarn types. Full technical performance of the instrument was proved as well as the staff competence.


Currently, the GCA Laboratory is ready for testing the following yarn indices:


  • fineness (yarn linear density)
  • coefficient of fineness variation
  • number of twists
  • coefficient of twist variation
  • yarn purity according to ASTM
  • yarn strength
  • coefficient of strength variation
  • yarn elongation
  • coefficient of elongation variation
  • yarn humidity


We remind, that the Gdynia Cotton Association has its own Frame Contract for Yarn ( and the Instruction for Quality Determination of Cotton and Cotton-like Yarn  (The GCA “Rules and By-laws”), the use of which my be made by those trading yarn.

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