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The Gdynia Cotton Association Laboratory, which was established and constructed from the very beginning in 1961 – 63, has taken a leading position in international ranking of cotton laboratories. In the GCA Laboratory, there is a possibility of carrying out objective measurements of many cotton fibre parameters, which are impossible to be evaluated with manual method.DCF 1.0  The Laboratory performs cotton fibre tests for Micronaire and Pressley indices, HVI parameters, strength, maturity, fineness, length, trash, trash content and honey dew. Tests results give a great chance to obtain higher efficiency, to cut the production costs, to use the raw material more effectively.   The GCA Laboratory confirms its technical competences by means of participation in interlaboratory tests and comparative fibre examination, such as:

  •  quarterly – organised by the Faserinstitut Bremen,
  •  quarterly – organised by CSITC – ICAC
  • monthly – for HVI – organised by USDA

The quality of the tests performed by the GCA Laboratory is proved by the fact that since 1963 this Laboratory has been recognised by ACSA as entitled to carry out the Micronaire tests under the arbitration conditions.   Moreover, our Laboratory was the first non-American one nominated by the USDA to take part in the American programme of HVI calibration cotton preparation. The Laboratory trains the laboratory staff in the scope of cotton testing concordantly with the UZ RST 604-93 and O’z Dst 604-2001 standards, as well as other methods employed in the laboratories.  DSC_6243aThe Laboratory performs cotton yarn tests. Currently, the GCA Laboratory is ready for testing the following yarn indices: – fineness (yarn linear density) – coefficient of fineness   variation – number of twists – coefficient of twist variation – yarn purity according to ASTM – yarn strength – coefficient of strength variation – yarn elongation – coefficient of elongation   variation – yarn humidity   We remind, that the Gdynia Cotton Association has its own Frame Contract for Yarn ( and the Instruction for Quality Determination of Cotton and Cotton-like Yarn  (The GCA “Rules and By-laws”), the use of which my be made by those trading yarn.

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