Indonesia Import Requirements

The Indonesian Authorities have decided to implement of the restrictive Import Provisions at the end of 2008. The decision  met with the protests of the European exporters. According to the information from the European Commission, the Indonesian Ministerial Decree 23/2009 regulating on the provisions for the Import of Textile and Clothing Products, published the 19th June, with immediate effect, introduced some changes to the current import regime, eliminating the restrictive measures for some product lines.

Accordingly the hereunder HS codes have been completely removed from the Import requirements of the Decree 23/2009- that is to say the Producer-Importer status and the requirement for the products to be only used as Raw Material will not be necessary any more, and no pre-shipment verification will be needed:

5408 – Woven fabrics of artificial filament yarn

5602- Felt, whether or not impregnated, coated, covered or laminated

5906- Rubberised Textile Fabrics

6105- Knitted Shirts Men/Boys

6106- Knitted Shirts Women/Girls

6107 and 6108- Men and Women Knitted underwear and nightwear

6109- T-Shirts

6111- Knitted Babies Garments

6112- Knitted Sportswear

6203 – Men’s or boy’s suits, ensembles

6204 – Women’s or Girl’s suits, ensembles

6205- Woven Shirts Men/Boys

6206- Woven Shirts Women/Girls

6207 and 6208- Men and Women woven underwear and nightwear

6209- Woven Babies Garments

6210- Special Garments Woven

6212- Bras

6213 and 6214- Handkerchiefs and Scarves

6217- Accessories

6301- Blankets

6302- Bed, Table, Toilet and Kitchen Linen

6303- Curtains

Source: EURATEX materials

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