Chinese blankets are being withdrawn from the market

In Australia and New Zealand Chinese blankets are being withdrawn from the market

After stating too high level of formaldehyde harmful for health in Chinese blankets, the distributor himself – Charles Parsons Company is withdrawing the imported blankets from the Australian and New Zealand markets. The decision was undertaken when preliminary analyses showed that the formaldehyde level was considerably above the European and American norms. The distributor explained that the importing company itself decided to take the suspected articles away from the market, although neither of theses countries the standards of formaldehyde level in articles of common utility has not been fixed. As it was said by Mark Bilton – the spokesman of Charles Parson Company, quoted by the press, in Australia, the very high level of formaldehyde was traced in “very many” blankets imported from China, whereas in New Zealand this substance level harmful for health was confirmed in 800 blankets of the “Superlux” Chinese company. At the beginning of the week, the New Zealand government announced investigation in case of children’s wear imported from China, which are probable to contain a drastically high level of harmful substances, including formaldehyde. The authorities ordered starting of investigation in this case.

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