Basta! Enough is enough! The EU needs to get back on track


 “Basta! Enough is enough! The EU needs to get back on track”


Campaign description

The Basta! campaign is designed to highlight the plight of the many industry sectors struggling to remain competitive in the global markets in which they operate.


The current unfavourable context for industrial activities and investments is largely due to lack of political attention and to the mountains of regulatory requirements that industry has to comply with when established in the European Union. Regulatory compliance involves costs and the time is now for cutting them, for generating savings and productivity gains that can be invested in innovation and further productivity.


The European institutions must listen to the industry and ensure appropriate,affordable and consistent legislationthat will support growth and jobs.


Campaign principles

The Basta! campaign adheres with its content and through current and future actionsto the following principles:

–        The Basta! campaign is not positioned as being against the European Union.

–        All campaign materials need to be EU policy related.

–        All campaign materials are always fact-based and can be proven by citing sources.

–       Case studies/examples must not be limited to criticism; it should offer a solution or alternative to the situation or problem described.

Campaign material

The Basta! campaign includes the following tools:

Official campaign website:


–        Video

–        Key messages

–        Case studies/examples of inappropriate, inconsistent, disproportionate, costly legislation

–        News

Facebook account:


Youtube channel:



The secretariat of the Basta! campaign is provided by:

CEPI – Confederation of European Paper Industries

Avenue Louise 250, box 80

B-1050 Brussels

+32 2 627 4911


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