Anti-dumping actions


Number of anti-dumping investigations were launched by emerging countries yarn imports from low-cost suppliers. China is the main target of these investigations while Turkey is the most aggressive in imposing anti-duping duties. Emerging countries are increasingly using anti-dumping tools to curb shipments of foreign goods. On 31st Dec. 2008, Turkey imposed anti-dumping duties on textured yarns of polyester from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Additional duties ranged from 2.68 to 3.51 cents per kilo for China, 0.48 to 2.40 cents per kilo for Indonesia, 1.98 to 3 cents for Thai companies and were set at 2.76 cents for Malaysian producers. By mid-January, Turkey imposed anti-dumping duties on yarns made of artificial or synthetic staple fibers from China, India and Indonesia. Duties ranged from 49 to 80 cents for China, 29 to 39 cents for India and from 0 to 40 cents for Indonesia. On 23rd October 2008, Ankara had confirmed a safeguard imposed on certain cotton yarn imports for three years. Tariff quotas were however released for developing countries, as required by WTO rules. A review is also in progress over anti-dumping duties on polyester staple fibers from India, Taiwan and Thailand while similar anti-dumping duties were prolonged on synthetic filament fabrics from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. Brazil imposed on October 3rd 2008 definitive anti-dumping duties on viscose fibers from Austria, Taiwan and China. Additional duties were set at 33 cents per kilo for Austria (Lenzing), 39 cents for Taiwan and 18 cents for China. On August 11th, an anti-dumping investigation was launched on imports of spun viscose yarns from Austria, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand and Taiwan. In Argentina, an anti-dumping investigation was last November launched on imports of polyester filament yarns and polyester staple fibers from China, India, Indonesia and Taiwan. In the Middle East, Egypt could soon limit cotton yarn imports through some safeguard measure. India launched a similar investigation in October on flax fabrics from China and Hong Kong. In May, an anti-dumping investigation had been initiated on certain polyester filament imports from China, Thailand and Vietnam. In Pakistan, anti-dumping duties were decided on polyester staple fiber imports from Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.

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