83rd Cotton Classification Course finished

On 145h February, 2013 the  stationary, 5-week, Polish and Russian speaking  – 83rd Cotton Classification Course has been completed successfully. 

There were 3 participants from Poland and Uzbekistan.


The programme of the course included:

  1. Theory of cotton fibre 
  2. Cotton classification with manual method – practical training,
  3. Laboratory methods of cotton testing, especially on the HVI line – theory and practice,
  4. Theory of cotton standardisation according to the Universal Cotton Standards (USDA) on which the HVI 

         system was based; standardisation according to the Uzbek (and other Central Asian countries) O’z DSt 

         604-2001 standard,

  1. Selected problems of world cotton market,
  2. Selected issues regarding cotton marketing – trade, transport, and handling, 
  3. English terms and phrases used in the international cotton turnover.



From the left:    Karol Sadowski (POLCOTTON), Sanjar Gulyamow– Uzbekistan (POLCOTTON),   

                          Grzegorz Winiarek (POLCOTTON)


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