80th Anniversary of the Gdynia Cotton Association

 On 29 May 2015, in the Cotton House in Gdynia, the 74th Ordinary Reporting-Electing General Assembly of the GCA Members was held. The Assembly was accompanied by the special Gdynia Cotton Association 80th Anniversary Jubilee Session and the Conference – Open Debate entitled: “Innovativeness as a Platform for Cooperation of Science and Industry – a Chance, a Vogue, or Necessity?”

Among the guests of the Jubilee Session, there were Ryszard Stachurski – Pomorskie Region Voivode, Andrzej Arendarski – President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Jerzy Majchrzak – Director, and Krzysztof Zaręba – Head – in the Department of Innovativeness and Industry in the Ministry of Economy as well as numerous representatives of the GCA member companies and cooperating organisations.

The celebration was also attended by the GCA Honorary Members – Mrs Wiesława Trywiańska-Furman, Mr Jarosław Bokina, Mr Romuald Groth and Mr Ryszard Makowiecki.

In the course of celebration, Pomorskie Region Voivode, on behalf of the President of the Republic of Poland decorated Mr Jerzy Kotwas and Mrs Małgorzata Matusiak with the Silver Crosses of Merit. Also, the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the Gdynia Cotton Association decorated with their awards the persons exceptionally dedicated to the activities of the Chamber and the Association and the textile sector.

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