On 21 – 22 November 2006, in the GCA Cotton House, the meeting of cotton experts and heads of the membership companies’ laboratories was held, within the KIGNET project. The medium staple cotton standards were presented and the most important aspects of cotton classification were discussed, as well as the situation on the world, European Union and Polish markets of cotton. The KIGNET project coordinator at the GCA – Mr K. Galaska presented the general ideas of the project, the ways of its realisation and benefits following out of it. Also, two multi-media presentations were made: “Modern Measuring Techniques for Yarn and Flat Textile Products Assessment” -by Dr Malgorzata Matusiak (Institute of Textiles’ Architecture), and “Cotton Markets in the World and in Poland -November 2006” by A Drozdz (GCA). On the second day, there was a common training in cotton classification according to American and Uzbek standards. There were 20 participants of the meeting.

On 21 November 2006, the meeting of the Committee for Fixing Value Differences wasalso held. The Value Differences Tables No 4/2006 were established.

W dniu 22 listopada 2006 r. odbyło się posiedzenie Komisji Notowań Różnic Wartościowych, na którym ustanowione zostały Różnice Wartościowe No 4/2006.

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