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75th Anniversary

The 75th Anniversary of the Gdynia Cotton Association


The Honorary  Patronage:  Wojciech Szczurek – Mayor of Gdynia

On 21 May 2010, in the conference halls of the Gdynia Cotton Association a solemn Jubilee Session was held on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of our Association.   Among the guests there were the Deputy Voivode of Pomerania Region Mr Michał Owczarczak, representative of the City of Gdynia Mr Ryszard Toczek, President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce Mr Andrzej Arendarski, Leader of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Light Industry – Mr Zbigniew Kaniewski, Vice Chancellor of the Technical University in Łódź Mr Wojciech Wolf as well as numerous representatives of member companies and cooperating organisations.   Representatives of our sister European Cotton Associations were also present:  Mr Wolfgang Vogt-Jordan – President and Mr Jan Wellmann – Director of Bremen Cotton Exchange, in Bremen, Mr Kai Hughes – Director of the International Cotton Association in Liverpool.   There also were the GCA Honorary Members present – Irena Nowak, Wiesława Trawiańska-Furman, Jarosław Bokina, Tadeusz Jackowski, Jerzy Sobieraj. The title of the Honorary Member is granted to persons who had exceptional merits and achievements in Polish cotton and textile industries as well as those who contributed to the development of the Gdynia Cotton Association, its image and meaning in Poland and in the world.     At the session, there were official decorations: Vice Voivode of Pomerania Region decorated:

  • Mrs Mieczysława Niemiec – of GCA – with the golden medal For a Long Professional Career
  • Miss Maria Groth – of GCA – with the silver medal For a Long Professional Career
  • Mrs Katarzyna Święcicka – of GCA – with the silver medal For a Long Professional Career

The President of the Gdynia Cotton Association handed in: The GCA Honorary Membership Diplomas:

  • to Mrs Wiesława Trywiańska – Furman – for outstanding services in establishing and leading the Laboratory of the Gdynia Cotton Association, an immense contribution in development and maintaining the high professional level of the GCA training activities (including Cotton Classification Courses) as well as for her many year’s personal engagement, which considerably exceeded her employment duties, in GCA promotion and promotion of its positive image and of the services offered,
  •  to Professor Tadeusz Jackowski – for his great personal contribution and many year’s direct engagement in organising and maintaining the high professional level of the International Cotton Conferences – including performing the function of the Chairman of the Conference Scientific Committee as well as for the entirety of his activities which support the Polish textile branch and promotion of the GCA image on the domestic and international arenas in frames of the function of the Board of Directors’ member performed by him for almost 20 years.

The Awards „Meritorious Person of the Gdynia Cotton Association”:

  • to Mr Marek Dominiak – for many year’s work for the GCA, engagement in the works of the Board of Directors, supporting the conferences, publications and other GCA tasks,
  • to Mr Andrzej Drozdz – for many year’s substantive engagement in organisation of Cotton Classification Courses, training, specialised seminars and for engagement in the GCA development and promotion as well as promotion of the whole textile sector, which considerably exceeded his employment duties,
  • to Mr Jacek Jakubiak– for many year’s work for the GCA, engagement in the Boarad of Directors’ works, supporting the conferences, publications and other GCA tasks,
  • to Mr Roman Olszewski, Attorney at Law – for many year’s activity as the GCA Court of Arbitration Arbitrator, engagement in the works of the Presidium of Arbitrators and for supporting the GCA with professional knowledge.

pdf  SPONSORS   The GCA – established in 1935, due to the urgent need of the Polish cotton circles for creating the rules and place for settling the disputes in the domestic port of discharging cotton. In 1938 Arbitrating Body for Cotton in Gdynia commenced its activity. Supported by the elder European associations, the GCA created good conditions for cotton arbitrations – special premises for classing and arbitrating of cotton, practiced experts, formally accepted rules of arbitration. Just before the II WW the American Cotton Shippers Association allowed the GCA to arbitrate American cotton.   Gdynia Cotton Classification School, opened in 1948 is one of the three institutions in the world holding such trainings. The cotton classification courses, international cotton conferences, seminars and workshops organized by the GCA are fully renowned in the cotton society both in Poland and in the world. Recognised and professionally equipped ISO-accredited Laboratory for testing cotton & yarns has been working since 1963. The GCA is also the licenser of the Polish and International Cotton Emblems which promote products made of pure cotton.   Signatory of the Universal Cotton Standards Conference, member of several international cotton organizations, like CICCA, ECC, IFCP and the coordinating agency approved by Polish government for cooperation with International Cotton Advisory Committee – the GCA is the significant member of the international cotton community.   Representing the rights of manufacturers, merchants and consumers of cotton products the GCA has been co-operating with governmental bodies and parliamentary committees – both in Poland and in the European Union. The GCA activity directed towards shaping the advantageous economical policy for the whole textile branch of industry, as well, as for the members, indirectly tends to retain the level of cotton consumption.   While the activities of the Gdynia Cotton Association have changed over 75 years, the mission of the GCA remains almost the same: to assist the cotton companies in supporting a healthy, structurally strong cotton sector in Poland as well as on the international arena, enhancing the activities of other institutions, authorities and organisations interested in cotton and allied fibres & textile industries worldwide. Raising awareness of cotton & other natural fibres issues, providing information necessary for decision-making and facilitating cooperation among industry segments and government, as well as promotion of cotton as the mayor natural fibre – these are only few from many important activities of our Association.

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